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We are the Support of the Domestic Church
"The Love of Christ Knows No Limits"

The Confirmation team is blessed to be involved in joining you and your family as your teens travel along the journey toward the Sacrament.

As much as we are encouraged by the teens, this is not something we can do alone. We are really here to support what families are already living at home. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to further support you on your family's mission to Heaven.

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    # of Teens Enrolled (actual count is 130)

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Our Catechists

We are so blessed with a wonderful, faithful team!
Erinn Bagnaschi
Year 1 Catechist
Linda Kortuem
DRE & Year 2 Catechist
Mike Wiley
Year 1 Catechist
Joe Juarez
Year 1 Catechist
Angel Herrera
Year 1 Catechist
Julie Figueroa
Year 1 Catechist
Sheila Murray
Year 1 Catechist
Carol Rojo
Year 2 Catechist
Nancy Espinoza
Year 2 Catechist
Roxanne Castillo
Year 2 Catechist


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